Bring your sled to life with a new track from Composit Tracks.

The track is vital to putting the power from your sled to the trail. In terms of hole shot, as well as cornering, the track is one of the most important features of your sled. If your current snowmobile track is getting worn, cracked, or you are simply looking for better performance for how you ride. Composit is the way to go for your next tracks.

There are a large number of options available for tracks from Composit based on how and where you ride.

Trail Riding:

The Talon 28 and Talon 32 feature aggressive tread patterns to ensure that you are able to get up to speed quickly, corner with precise accuracy, and put that power to the ground!

Talon 28Composite Composit Tracks snowmobile Seaberg Motorspoerts Crosslake MN

Talon 28 series track is designed specifically for riders who prefer great handling on groomed trails.
The Talon 28 is a very fast track that has a specially formulated soft compound for amazing handling and aggressive cornering. A great track for lower horsepower sleds, hard pack trails, or high speed lake running.


Talon 32

Talon 32 series track is made of high strength materials to withstand theTalon 32 Composite Composit Tracks snowmobile Seaberg Motorspoerts Crosslake MN

rigors of top end speed across frozen lakes. The aggressive angled lug profile has outstanding stability for improved handling, acceleration and braking. Talon 32 offers versatile and dynamic driving characteristics. Highly recommended for aggressive riders who ride or race on snow covered terrain and hard pack conditions.

Cross Country Riding:

The Talon 38 and Talon 45 are the tracks of choice for riders seeking on trail performance but also seek to go off trail and hit the ditches, and back country riding in the deeper snow. These have higher lugs and a more aggressive profile to push the boundaries.

Talon 38Talon 38 Composite Composit Tracks snowmobile Seaberg Motorspoerts Crosslake MN

Talon 38 series track with 1.5” lug gives superior off trail traction in soft, loose snow. Asymmetric lug pattern provides excellent acceleration, braking and handling. Reinforced side lugs increase stability and prevent delamination and tearing. Talon 38 is perfect for everyday riding or aggressive riders who push the limit.



Talon 45Talon 45 Composite Composit Tracks snowmobile Seaberg Motorspoerts Crosslake MN arctic cat, skidoo yamaha polaris

Trail? Backcountry? Racing? Doesn’t matter where you are or how you want to ride. Talon 45 series track is a new standard to cross country/snow riding. Outstanding traction and control in soft snow, rough terrain, or on the race circuit! The Talon 45 features the next generation lug design that gives amazing acceleration and precision handling through the turns.

Mountain Riding:

The Talon M 66.6 is an incredible track for the deep back country snowmobiling and mountain snowmobiling. Make mountains into mole hills with this track that will having you believe you are the king of the mountain every time. Transitions, side hilling, this track will do it all.

Talong M 66.6Talon M66.6 Mountain Boondocker Composite Composit Tracks snowmobile Seaberg Motorspoerts Crosslake MN

Talon M 66.6 is a rigid mountain track with Pop-up effect due to flexible central grousers pushing the snowmobile out of snow. Snowmobile on Talon M 66.6 mountain track is able to take out of deep snow and climb to the steepest peak. The track is suitable for riding on snow cover of different depth and density. Open up new possibilities of your snowmobile – first-class handling – whether quick descents and surges or traverse movement, it will be appreciated by
beginner-riders and experienced boondockers.

All mountain peaks will be conquered with Talon M 66.6!


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